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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Imagine a world

Imagine a world where politicians could brand any land they wanted, anything they wanted, just because they "liked the heck out of it..."


Anonymous said...

So, I have lived in albuquerque for 37 years and I have never heard the city referred to as "Burque" until the alibi started doing the "Best of Burque" section. Needless to say, the nickname "Burque" is really stupid - it rubs me like a chees grater every time I see or hear it. That being said, "the Q" is slightly more stupid than Burque - but not by much. I hate them both. I think you should explain why "Burque" is being thrown about as if it isn't its own form of branding that you rail against in the Alibi. (Most) People named Richard shouldn't be called "Dick" and Albuquerque shouldn't be called "The Q", "Q-town", "Burque", or any other moronic short-name.

Soy de Burque said...

Thanks for the comment.

Our primary issue is not what we're called.

Branding a historic city that has a thriving culture for the sole purpose of deeming itself more modern and hip, seems cursory. Especially when you have goons with baseball caps and big smiles in business suits telling us what defines hip. I'm no definition of hip or modern, but I also distrust anyone telling me what is...

Branding a population seems dangerous. Culture it "the Q", “the people’s republic”, Burque, or “rama dama ding dong”... Discussion, a forum, input, is all we were asking for, particularly when it’s our tax money.

To speak to your existence in Albuquerque, and having never heard the term "Burque" until you picked up an Alibi is fine. The term has been around longer than you, me, or the Alibi.

One of the beautiful things about Burque is its mix of people and cultures. I spoke recently with my uncle who has been here his whole life, born and raised in the south valley as to the origins of Burque.

He spoke of the Zoot Suit era, the Chicano movement, how rock and roll changed modern American English, his family, northern and southern New Mexico, and Spaniards and Mexicans, and Burque as a cross-section between all these influences.

The main thing I re-learned is languages are extremely dynamic. What you’ve know as Albuquerque your whole life, has been Burque to him.

Not to devalue your argument, but just because you’ve never heard to word prior to reading it in the Alibi does not mean the word did not exist. It just means people did not use the word with you.

To say something you don’t understand is stupid is arrogant and foolish.

Burque is a name evolved throughout the city’s 300 year history. From the city’s original spelling “alBURQUErque” to pop-cultures influence on modern language, Burque has been building its “brand” for centuries. We’re not branding anything. We’re taking pride in what has defined and will continue to define Albuquerque past, present, and future.

Call it what you want. This isn’t any politician’s city to name. That’s the point.