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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Your "Q" Dollars

Remember when the city had Joan Osborne and Kenny Wayne Shepard come play for "free"? Remember the "Q" Jam?

I keep asking myself, why would a pop music star, who has no tie to Burque, come play music for free? Then let Marty play his guitar...

I can only imagine Marty jamming on stage while Osborne played her "What if god is one of us?", and Marty requested the spotlight shine down on him.

And as I recall, when they forced this whole "Q" thing on us, they said they were only going to use the environmental "Q" logo on "new" "hybrid" vehicles.

Something tells me they're lying to us...

Ahhh... our green "Q" trash cans...

Something more innovative and environmentally friendly would have been to at least make them composting bins.

Have you noticed the billboards going up everywhere? I recently got a quote of $4100 from Clear Channel to have a billboard. Marty must know someone if all these "Q" tattoos are costing taxpayers less than $1500 (as quoted by city officials).

I dream of the day, we can have a Soy de Burque billboard.

Tattooed Cars = World Peace and the end to Global Warming.

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