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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The cost of the Q...

KOAT ran a story last night I found interesting entitled, "Are New Street Signs Wasteful Spending." It reminded me of a past post - "Your Q Dollars." - February 7th, 2008

I still remember the original claim by city officials -
It costs $1,400 to put The Q decals on the sides of new alternative fuel city vehicles. The logo is only being put on brand-new vehicles. "The only thing we're doing is switching the logo as new cars come on," she (Deborah James, mayor spokesperson) says, and no money was spent to switch out the logo of older vehicles.

They say traffic safety. I say Q propaganda and wasteful spending.

Apparently, the Q "cures global warming" (note the enormous billboard by the Big-I) and enjoys being spotlit all night for everyone to see. I wonder if the signs are run on solar energy. I would think.

Now under the guise of other city projects, I wonder if we'll ever know how much they're spending on branding us.


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